Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra

Volker Hartung, Artistic Director


History of the Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra

The Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra has been enchanting audiences for 50 years with its electrifying performance style. The Orchestra was founded in 1972 by the famous double-bass player Erich Kluge as an alternative to the municipal orchestras of Cologne.
It comprises graduates of the most important German Rhineland Conservatories and winners of international competitions with the highest standards of instrumental skills. They are exceptionally gifted young players who wish to experience the reality of a practical musical life playing chamber music and symphonic repertory at the highest level once they have finished their studies. It has given thousands of concerts with different programs and varying formations worldwide in recent decades.
In Germany, the Cologne New Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra has realized many television programs and has recorded numerous records.
The Chamber Orchestra and its symphonic formation constantly work during their seasons, with soloists of the Philharmonic group being the chamber orchestra members in numerous concerts per year taking place in all parts of the world.
Its visits to almost every continent have allowed its young musicians to gain vast experiences as soloists and orchestra players, enabling them to stand the test of concert performances for large audiences, rising above themselves.
The Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra continuously undertakes numerous successful concert tours abroad.
Managed by a non-profit association that supports the Orchestra's mission, it functions as a musical ambassador and promoter of peace and international understanding by integrating numerous young foreign artists living in Germany.

The label
JPK Musik has produced over 100 audio productions and numerous recordings with this group since its foundation in 1991.
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