Booster Club

Volker Hartung, Artistic Director

Friends and supporters of Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra

The Orchestra was founded in 1972.
From the beginning, this Orchestra understood itself as a „soloist forge“, and at the end of the joint work, an incomparable concert event usually took place, which enabled many a virtuoso to leap into an international career.

The philosophy of the artistic director Volker Hartung opens the world to young musicians, showing them the countries whose music they play.
„Musicians can only convincingly perform Manuel de Falla's ‚Nights in Spanish Gardens if once they could admire her beauty for themselves. “
This was the doctrine of Artistic Director Volker Hartung. And so, for 50 years, the Cologne New Philharmonic has traveled throughout the entire world, praised by the public and press in the highest tones.
For the Orchestra’s 40th birthday, supporters launched the association „Friends and supporters of the Cologne New Philharmonic e.V."

The aim is to ensure the existence of this unique institution in the future.
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